U. S. Treasury Issues Disney WWII Bonds


The certificate featuring 22 of Disney`s most popular characters was a type of government war bond issued during World War II, when the Walt Disney Company issued these certificates to investors who bought US Treasury War bonds. They were distributed by banks and a group called the war finance committee, which promoted bond sales and aimed to build civilian morale during the war. The committee`s main goal was to entice American families to contribute to the war effort. This was just one of many incentives used during World War II to entice individuals to buy war bonds. Today, these certificates are very popular on the collector`s market, but they`re also commonly counterfeited. The best way to check if the certificate is real is to look into Donald Duck`s eyes. If they`re made up of tiny light blue dots, the certificate is likely genuine. If they`re solid dark blue or purple, it`s probably a fake.

Issued, 1943

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