Pasta Making machines invented in Brooklyn


During World War One, they cut off all trade with Europe. There were a lot of Italian immigrants in Brooklyn at the time, and producing pasta by hand was a laborious process. So De Francisci`s great-grandfather patented a pasta-making machine, which increased the speed of production, cut the drying time from two days to a few hours, and made the dough safer. Pasta would continuously flow and thus be more sanitary and there would be less waste because it did not have to be moved from one machine to another.An "Automatic Short Paste Drying Unit," which promised pasta-making "From Press to Package without Handling." The machine itself was manufactured by the Consolidated Macaroni Machine Corporation at 156-166 Sixth Street in Gowanus. Ignazio De Francisci, an engineer from Sicily, founded Consolidated Macaroni Machine Corporation in 1914 to provide pasta-making machinery for the growing pasta-producing industry in the United States.

Patented, 1914