In Touch My Building, the entire facade of the Bank of America`s 7th Street Parking Deck is transformed by two principle visual elements. The first addresses the scale of the building—a syncopated pattern of 416 colored panels painted in custom automobile colors create a lively dynamic surface over the nine-story facade. Natural light is used with colored glass in both the stair tower and the cornice, creating strong graphic forms. The second element addresses the scale of the pedestrian—thirty-six 30 foot tall “light fins” are placed around the building. When touched, a fin lights up and emanates a mix of melodic tones. In addition to this random play, the entire building “performs” on the hour, triggering ever-changing patterns of light and sound. Occasionally a “ghost” residing in the building “plays” the piece at whim. If the curious pedestrian can find the riddle on the building, decipher it and play the pattern stated, the “ghost” will also respond.

Installed, 1998