Approached by a friend who represents a Minimal-window producer from Portugal, called PANORAMAH. We, were given the task of developing a sort of case study home, in the Murud region amidst a coconut grove. The windows being super high-tech and modern in their presence were meant to disappear against the verdant view. The plan evolved like a two headed worm, with the sleeping spaces in series and the higher main living and dining spaces flanking opposite ends of the series. The idea being, the tracing of a PARIKRAMA, a circum-ambulatory path, while moving from spaces, always in contact with the outside. The entire construction was planned in TILT-UP STONE slabs, hence allowing the minimal windows into cavity walls, granite 40 millimeters thick was the material of choice. STONE, has a sense of time built into it, like the GRANDFATHER of building materials. Conceived as a super modern yet ancient vessel this construct, is a simple assemblage of giant panels of glass against huge Stone slabs. A Primitive sense of dwelling pervades, as the day turns into a starry night sky and the light pours out of the glass making the stone invisible, A REVERSAL of what one perceives in the day. Once all else decays the Stones will still stand.

Constructed, 2020