Ticker Tape Parade for John F. Kennedy, Democratic presidential nominee


John Fitzgerald Kennedy campaigning for President of the United States with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in a ticker tape parade down Broadway in 1960. The Democratic Party`s presidential candidate, Senator John F. Kennedy, received a ticker-tape parade upon his arrival to New York City in October 1960. The Senator and his opponent, Vice President Richard Nixon, were visiting New York to participate in a presidential debate. Nixon did not receive a ticker-tape parade upon his arrival, a fact that both the Republican Party and Nixon protested as unequal treatment. Indeed, Republican leaders in New York attempted to cancel Kennedy`s ticker-tape parade. They failed, and the Senator`s procession drew crowds estimated at well over one million people, some of whom broke through the police tape to shake the candidate`s hand and storm his car. Mayor Robert Wagner referred to the event as “the greatest reception anybody has received in this section of the city in its history,” and the Police Commissioner noted that it rivaled the crowds greeting aviator Charles Lindbergh`s parade in 1927.

Celebration, Oct 19, 1960

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