The MTA is in the process of extending the Long Island Rail Road service to the east side of Manhattan, supplementing existing service to Penn Station on Manhattan`s west side and Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. The East Side Access megaproject is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in the United States with a history that reaches back to the 1950`s when discussions were first held regarding regional transportation planning. The project encompasses work in multiple locations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx and includes more than 8 miles of tunneling. When completed, East Side Access will serve approximately 162,000 customers a day, providing a faster and easier commute from Long Island and Queens to the east side of Manhattan in a new 8-track terminal and concourse below Grand Central Terminal. The revised budget for the East Side Access project is $10.333 billion with a current estimate at completion of $11.1 billion.

Commissioned, Sept 1, 2007
Under Construction

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