Perry World House, University of Pennsylvania


Perry World House is a new center for global engagement located at the heart of the University of Pennsylvania campus. For this project, 1100 Architect preserved a portion of an historic house built in 1851 and merged it with a new limestone-clad structure. The result is a 17,400-square-foot building that allows affiliates from each of the university`s 12 schools to address international affairs in a cross-disciplinary way. By using innovative structural systems, 1100 Architect was able to create open and flexible spaces, accommodating classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, and common areas, all meant to encourage student interaction and multi-disciplinary exchange. At the building`s core is the World Forum, a glass-enclosed atrium that serves as a dynamic multi-use event space capable of hosting seminars, lectures, and special events.

Constructed, 2016

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