Washington's ran up a £89 tab at his Farewell Dinner

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The tab comes from a farewell party Washington's troops threw him in 1787, just days before he and the rest of the crew signed off on the Constitution. The celebration was held at Philly's historic City Tavern. They celebrated the signing of the Constitution and Washington being elected as the first president of the newly independent country by racking up a $17,253 tab. The receipt for the night was saved in the First Troop Cavalry archives. The party had roughly 55 guests, which included troops, politicians, friends, and family — along with 16 more people who were working that night, including musicians, servers, and hosts. Here's what George and 54 of his closest friends consumed in one crazy night:54 bottles of Madeira 60 bottles of claret 22 bottles of porter 12 bottles of beer 8 bottles of hard cider 8 bottles of Old Stock (a.k.a. colonial whiskey) 7 large bowls of spiked punchThe bill also includes a tab for many broken glasses, which, adjusted for inflation, equals about $300 worth of reimbursements. The final bill came out to £89 and 4 schillings — or roughly $17,253 in 2018 dollars.

Celebration, Sept 15, 1787

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