Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway is the fifth largest gaming facility in North America based on the total number of gaming positions. The concept for the New building was to reinterpret the the artificial themed environments common to casinos. The design features a four-story high arc of frameless glass that projects the energy of the casino onto the building exterior, and brings the landscape and architecture into the gaming hall. The façade forms a backdrop for a sculptural port cochere inspired by the landscape of the 'Hilltop Track' at the Raceway utilizing exotic structural systems and innovative materials. The port cochere is the largest structure of its kind in North America. All assembly components were shop-fabricated and erected on site as a kit of parts, allowing for an installation time of less than two weeks. Inside, traditional chandeliers that light the gaming hall, for instance, are reimained as laser-cut steel clouds. There is also a massive glass curved staircase.

Constructed, 2013