Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh and Hunny Pot


The artist describes her process thus: "When asked to create a sculpture for the Children`s Patio at the Newton Free Library in memory of a 4 year old boy, I thought it appropriate to choose a character from children`s literature. I chose Eeyore because he is not only a lovable personage, but one from whom a very important lesson could be learned. When the day of his birthday came he was supposed to receive a hunny pot full of hunny, and a balloon. By the time his gifts arrived, the hunny pot was empty and the balloon was broken. Instead of being angry, he took the stick from the broken balloon and made a game of sticking the stick in and out of the hunny pot. Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from Eeyore. Piglet was commissioned by a woman who wanted to celebrate the short life of her dear brother. She thought her brother had characteristics just like Piglet. He was timid, yet brave and he was able to conquer his fears. Piglet and Pooh loved each other and were best friends. In the sculpture, Piglet is whispering a secret to Pooh. What that secret is, we will never know - because it is a secret!"

Installed, 2013


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