Old AT&T Building (195 Broadway)

Kalikow Building, Telephone Building, Telegraph Building, or Western Union Building


Sited over the former Western Union Building on In 1932 a long distance telephone call between the US and Europe was routed through AT&T.It was the site of one end of the first transcontinental telephone call, the first intercity Picturephone call, and the first transatlantic telephone call.
Though AT&T's headquarters relocated to 550 Madison Avenue in 1984, 195 Broadway remains in use as an office building as of 2020.

Opened, 1916

The site was formerly occupied by the Western Union Telegraph Building. The current 29-story, 422-foot-tall (129 m) building was commissioned after AT&T's 1909 acquisition of Western Union. It was constructed from 1912 to 1916 under the leadership of Theodore Newton Vail, to designs by William W. Bosworth.

Addition, 1922

although one section was not completed until 1922.

Landmarked, 2006

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