Passing Light is a 400 ft. long permanent installation for the new extension of the San Antonio Airport. It is composed of four basic elements: Fast Light: 54 light/ sound “points” dispersed on each of the three lower walkways, creating a “kinetic sound/light environment” over the 360 foot long walkway. Visual Music: these points of light/sound “play” a sequence of different patterns—solo, pairs, trio, quartet, ordered, random—creating a soothing chime-like “visual music” within the space, contrasting with the frenetic pace of the airport. These sound patterns change throughout the day and also play on the hour, as an “Environmental Clock.” Slow Light: a pattern of colored acrylic forms installed in the canopy, based on the bright festive colors of South Texas, cast a slowly moving pattern across the paseo throughout the day. Sundial: etched in the floor of the paseo is a design which marks high noon of the winter and summer solstice and the two equinoxes. As these special days approach, a strong visual tension is developed between the colored forms and the etched outline on the ground.

Installed, 2003

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