FLOW (Can You See the River?)


The project will reveal important and unique elements of the water system through a series of installations at stopping points along the river and canal, engaging residents and increasing awareness of the watershed and the role it plays in the city`s life. The collaborative project took place along a six-mile stretch of the river, starting at the Central Canal in the Broad Ripple area continuing to White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis. Multiple stopping points along the river drew the visitors` attention to focal points of the water system, using carefully placed mirror markers and oversized map pins to create a series of reflections – engaging the viewers and portraying them as an integral part of the watershed. These features used modest interventions in the landscape to point out key aspects of the system such as wetlands, floodplains, combined sewer outfalls and pollution, with an inscription on the reverse of each mirror stating: “ALL PROPERTY IS RIVERFRONT PROPERTY. THE RIVER STARTS AT YOUR FRONT DOOR.”

Installed, 2011