Shadow Boxing is a harmonious combination of color, form, light and shadow, comprised of aluminum, sand finished frame and tempered colored glass. The artwork takes the form of a canopy that welcomes visitors to the library by washing them with oceanic, indigenous colors during the day with natural light, and artistic lighting in the evening, as they walk through the entrance doors. Janney`s artwork is visually integrated with the facade of the library. "This This piece is at the main entrance of the library which uses the natural light of the day, the existing canopy of the architecture, the glass wall and doors through which the pedestrians enter and exit. DAY LIGHT - to create a pattern in the canopy made of colored glass. In this way, the colored shadows from the glass will make an ever-moving "painting" which will pass over the surface and ground at the entrance to the building. NIGHT LIGHT - it will be lit at night in such a way as the colored glass projects colored shadows onto the building surface. GROUND - a pattern in the ground which reflects the image of the shadow pattern at a certain time of day, say the zenith of the sun on the summer solstice. In this way the shadow pattern will move over this "ground carving" in a fugue-like way, sometimes radically in counterpoint, at other times almost an imitation of the pattern."

Installed, 2007

Old - Public Art Network in 2008