Consisting of nearly 100 sculptures made of fish replicas, Got Any Jacks? is a tribute to Miami's miraculous aquatic environment. The fish replicas, ranging in size from two feet across to over fourteen feet across, are arranged in abstract, geometric patterns. Their unique arrangement throughout the concourse walls evokes sculptures that are at once fish, and as abstract shapes, represent something else. As the artist states, "I appreciate it when I get off a plane, and walking into the airport, get a feeling of where I've landed. Miami has big nature: blue skies, billowing clouds, sparkling water, vivid colors, and a certain degree of levity. I want travelers to have a big experience before they leave the airport. I hope I've created an environment full of delight, beauty and surprise." To fabricate the fish, Lipski collaborated with renowned taxidermist Mike Kirkhart, who has won numerous awards, including Best in World, Master Taxidermy, three separate years, by the National Taxidermy Association. To complete Got Any Jacks?, Kirkhart solely dedicated the expertise and creativity of his shop, New Wave Taxidermy, exclusively to this project for one year.

Installed, 2004

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