The 1st Woman to Own a Seat on the New York Stock Exchange


The first woman to head one of the NYSE's member firms. She joined the 1,365 male members of the exchange on December 28, 1967.Siebert is sometimes known as the "first woman of finance", despite being preceded in owning a brokerage by Victoria Woodhull.When Siebert purchased her seat, she wasn`t issued the standard scroll all new members received, and which she was required to display. She didn`t receive it until the following year, when the exchange had a new president. Siebert wasn`t universally welcomed. Headlines such as “Skirt Invades Exchange” and “Powder Puff on Wall Street” conveyed a reluctance on “the Street” to accept a sea change that had been making its way through many other professions for years.

Started, Dec 28, 1967

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