The Frick Collection

The Frick Art Reference Library; Henry Clay Frick House


The historic neoclassical residence of the industrialist and art patron Henry Clay Frick in New York City. It was transformed into a museum in the mid-1930s and houses the Frick Collection and the Frick Art Reference Library. Considered to be a significant arts and architecture repository of a Gilded Age art collection.

Constructed, 1914

The plot was originally the location of the Lenox Library from 1877–1912

Converted, 1935

At Frick's death in 1919, he left his house and all of its contents, including art, furniture, and decorative objects, as a museum to the public. His family continued to live in the house until his wife died. After which the trustees of the collection began the transformation of the house into a museum. The collection opened to the public in 1935.The building itself has been enlarged three times, in 1931–35, 1977 and 2011.

Addition, 1977
Addition, 2011
Renovation, 2022

According to Stan Lee, who co-created the superhero team Avengers, the house was the model for the Avengers Mansion.