Brian Tolle`s sculptures and installations emphasize a formal and iconographic dialog with history and context. Architecture, site and technology are recurring themes. Using a variety of media, his work draws from the scale and experience of its surroundings, provoking a re-reading by cross-wiring reality and fiction. Drawing ideas from a broad-based conceptual analysis Tolle blurs the border between the contemporary and the historical. His approach involves in depth research, which is then distilled and directed creating an intuitive personal response. Miami Beach is a city shaped both physically and culturally by the sea. Tempest is a shimmering blue green expanse, which appears to have been carved from the sea, frozen in space and time, in the form of a swirling celestial maze. When seen from above, the sculpture and the paths make the shape of a Florida hurricane, reflecting on the artist`s fascination with “formal and iconographic dialog with history and context, architecture, site and technology.”

Installed, 2010


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