Located in the Hospital's outdoor Court of Honor is a small Rodin Sculpture. Rodin began to use large hands in a series of compositions toward the end of his career and gave them titles such as the Hand of God and the Hand of the Devil (1903), The Cathedral (1908), and The Secret (ca. 1910). There are many versions of this sculpture in marble and bronze. One of them is at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum and the other is in the Musée Rodin in Paris, a third in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Getty just purchased a similar work. The sculpture itself consists of a roughly hewn block representative of the earth from which there are two small figures on one side and a large hand on the other. The idea is that the large hand is supposed to be a commentary and a metaphor on creation with the hand being that of God the creator represented by the sculptor. Half buried in the 'earth' are small figures of Adam and Eve who are embracing. Many critics talk about how this piece shows Rodin's bridging of symbolic and realistic art.

Installed, 1917