Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame


Celebrating the outstanding achievements and legacy of NBA and the game of Basketball around the world, CambridgeSeven served as the Master Planner, Architect and Exhibit Designer for the exciting renovation and re-imagining of the iconic Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA. The project unfolded over three phases culminating in a grand re-opening in May of 2021. The team was inspired by the dramatic architecture featuring the central domed space, the circular floor plan as well as the game itself. Fast, sweeping, athletic and dynamic, all apt terms for the sport of basketball, were concepts that guided and influenced the design response. Beginning with the dynamic new Tip-Off Pavilion exhibit in the main lobby that celebrates stars of the game with unique, interactive lockers, to the exciting, updated Nike Theater. Visitors are guided on an immersive journey through the evolution of the game that begins with the dramatic views of Centre Court from the mezzanine gallery. The journey continues with increased energy as the narrative of the game unfolds in galleries that feature engaging interactives and powerful stories of those who have made the game an international obsession. The journey culminates in the Hall of Honor – a sacred space that celebrates the most influential participants of the game, honoring Hall of Famers—leaving visitors with an emotional, lasting memory. The revitalized Basketball Hall of Fame serves as a place of pride for the community – offering expanded public programming and a place of gathering for functions, events, fundraisers and most of all a celebration for the sport that began right around the corner.

Constructed, 2020