Bonochaya Experience Center


‘Bonochhaya` is an exclusive housing project themed around the heritage of Shantiniketan, which as a place, is a tribute to the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore. It is a project for a luxury retreat with a rural, nature-inspired flavour. Built as the client Interaction zone for ‘Bonochhaya`, the experience centre for this development is designed to bring out all these aspects and more. Nature, romanticised through the emphasis on sitting in the shade of trees, is an integral part of the design and is woven in through its conceptualisation. The glass waiting lounge overlooking the open-to-sky deck invites one from the street to taste the environment created through these green connections. With temperatures soaring upto 45°C, it was imperative that the design keeps out the harsh summer sun. Double brick walls and Southward-tilted terracotta tile roofs were ideal passive cooling measures to employ as they also lent an earthy vibe. The sloping roofs were split into 3 different heights to work as an interesting way to bring greens in to the various volumes. The shaded northern green courtyard capitalised on existing trees and translated into the 'Soul' of Shantiniketan life. Inspired by Tagore's teachings, tribal art, intrinsic to Shantiniketan, was woven into the design and graphics. Brick walls and Terracotta Tiles complement the Steel Structure and Concrete floors to bring out the contemporary and forward-thinking nature of the true Tagore disciple.

Constructed, 2016