35W Bridge Reconstruction


The design intention for the site surrounding the I35W Bridge is one that turns its focus to simplicity. In a location that is surrounded by a myriad of focal points: bridges, waterfalls, locks & dams, river traffic, there is no need to try and compete for attention. Instead, beauty will rise from the simple treatment of bridge and ground plane elements. Plantings will be simple and formal – keeping in cadence with the idea that maintenance, if needed, should be as simple and uncomplicated as the rest of the design. The plants will be chosen for their hardiness, texture, year-round interest, and their compatibility with the riparian environment. The simple planting design is created to heighten a sense of reflection and calm – a Zen-like respite overlooking the river. Natural materials such as stone and wood will tie the manmade back to the native river gorge environment. Elements like metal gabions hearken to remind the viewer of the river`s industrial heritage. Lighting will illuminate the bridge and its environs in a subtle and gracious manner, creating highlights instead of focal points. This will allow the bridge to recede and for viewers to appreciate its simple clean form. "When the subject is strong, simplicity is the only way to treat it." -Jacob Lawrence The above paragraph describes the early inspiration for a landscape design that has evolved throughout the design process.

Constructed, 2008