Light Waves, an interactive artwork on the west facade of Orlando`s main public library was commissioned by the Orlando Public Arts Commission, and opened in November 2001. The piece is composed of four 40 foot tall transparent colored glass forms attached to the side of the 60-foot tall John Johansen building. When activated, a series of “touch plates” trigger the light within the forms along with an accompanying sound. The four ‘curved stripes` undulate like waves, in stark contrast to the verticality of the building`s “concrete brute” surface. Playing Light Waves creates a “kinetic painting” generating patterns of sounds and colors, which change depending on the intensity of the sunlight and atmospheric conditions. The piece is illuminated at night with neon encased in the base of each ‘stripe.` Light Waves is a counter-point to Johanson`s unique building and connects pedestrians to the structure and the surrounding urban environment.

Installed, 2001