HappyWorks - working pod is a response to the shift in working culture that the world faced in early 2020. With ‘Work From Home` becoming mandatory at the time, the perception of a viable workspace has found various interpretations. Reducing the current office infrastructure to a space which would only be used for collaborative work, a lot of industries have acclimatized to their employees working offsite long term. With many offices normalizing, and even preferring, the WFH ethic, the onus of equipping one`s home to suit this mode of employment falls on the individual. In a developing country like ours, it is not always possible for everyone to sustain a comfortable working space within their homes. In light of this, the working pod`s smart pods provide a formal working environment for those looking for such a solution. The pod houses different types of work stations catering to all i.e. from small groups to individual stations. To balance the work areas, break-out zones with indoor screening, dry café and warming stations, outdoor courtyard and amphitheatre have been incorporated. All of these programs seamlessly flow into each other, giving one freedom to choose and maneuver easily. The natural lighting, the shaded courtyard, connects the users to the natural elements and aids in invigorating them. Being modular in design, the pod has been planned at various nodes in Newtown. All that is required is a small parcel of Land.

Constructed, 2021