Spirit of Commerce and Spirit of Industry


These larger-than-life granite statuary are located on the north and south pylons on the Manhattan Bridge. The figures represent the Spirit of Commerce and Spirit of Industry.Audrey Munson`s image on the Manhattan Bridge. “All girls cannot be perfect 36s, with bodies of mystic warmth and plastic marble effect, colored with rose and a dash of flame,” she wrote-Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times.With its eight lanes for train, horse-drawn and automobile traffic, it was designed to be a muscle, a working horse, a purely utilitarian structure. However, it caught the attention of the City Beautiful movement, and the Carrère & Hastings architectural firm was engaged to beautify the approaches to the bridge on both sides. The City Beautiful Movement, a reform philosophy in architecture and urban planning that flourished in the United States in the late 19th-early 20th cen. tury

Installed, 1914

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Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade- The arch’s pylons are decorated with high reliefs by Carl Augustus Heber. Two winged figures, female and male, represent “The Spirit of Commerce” on the left and “The Spirit of Industry” on the right.